Forme Femine Art features visual talent that explores
afro-femininity in personal theory and artistic form.

Selected artists include both self-taught and formally trained individuals. They portray the feminine not as a static object, but as central to creating a multilayered visual commentary on the relationship between art and society as informed by the African context.


From their large-scale portraits to subdued abstract strokes, artists represent every region of the continent. They offer the finest reflections on the diversity of thought and style that the subject of afro-femininity can offer.

Chinwe Chigbu


Chinwe Chigbu (b.1994) is from Abia State, Nigeria. She works in abstract and conceptual photography, performance art, and writing among other mediums. These others include her own body, which she combines with everyday material objects to explore the boundaries between reality and illusion. She draws inspiration from nature, material objects, history, popular culture, society and environmental spaces. Chigbu explores identity politics and the black female body in contemporary society.

Noluthando Mcira

Mixed Media

Noluthando Precious Mcira, alias Vry_blvk (b. 1998) was born and raised in a small township along the outskirts of Pretoria, Ekangala. She currently resides in Johannesburg, where she is pursuing her Fine Arts degree at the University of the Witwatersrand.

Yewande Oseni

Contemporary Expressionism

Wande Oseni's artistic journey began after being exposed to animations & comics at an early age. This later spurred on her fascination for art, starting with doodling & scribbling, using as many mediums as she could find.
Wande’s works are a representation of her thoughts, opinions and commentary on issues happening around her & in the world.

Adeola D. Adegbenro


Dare Olúfèrè, as he is popularly known, is an African enthusiast. His works of art; both in painting and music revolve around Africa and her heritage dying by the day.

Mwauluka Nambula

Contemporary Art

Mwauluka Nambula, alias Chuck Van Dusty, is a self-taught artist who began at the age of six.. He used art as a therapeutic outlet after the death of his parents; this became his driving force and means to help people through grief.

Clara Aden

Mixed Media

Born Elizabeth Omolara Adenugba, Clara has been illustrating professionally since 1999. She studied Painting and Decorating at Federal Science Technical College, Yaba. Her portrait addresses the impact of climate change on the environment, with a particular focus on Lagos city and its inhabitants.

Tammy Sinclair

String Art

Sinclair’s work is centred around black identity. “With my art I speak on our hopes, our strength and our beauty as a people, it is also a means to rewrite the black narrative, retell black history, and highlight our need for unity. The fragility of a single thread points at our weakness when we choose to stand alone. The layering of thread on thread almost seems to wax an impenetrable fortress which points at our strength if we all stand together”. Like the African proverb that says, “The strength of the broom lies not in the power of a single frond but in the resilience of its united fronds.”

Simphiwe Kaka

Oil on Canvas

Simphiwe is a visual artist based in Cape Town. Specializing in oil painting, he mainly uses Sfumato; blending and incorporating different techniques including classical and contemporary elements to create a unique work that identifies with Africa.

Ebuka Pascal Agudiegwu

Mixed Media

Ebuka Pascal Agudiegwu is a young self-taught artist from Imo state, Nigeria but currently resides In Abuja. He started making art from childhood. He ventured into art professionally in 2017 when he realized he could use his art as a tool to pass concise messages that would influence a positive change in his immediate environment and beyond. Ebuka loves to draw and paint, and his creative instinct has enabled him carve a niche in the realm of surrealism.

Paul Ayihawu

Afrocentric Figure Abstraction

Paul Ayihawu was born in Badagry, the ancient city in Lagos, Nigeria.
His art is the contemporary interpretation of his African nature - his works capture the lifestyle and values of Africa; exploring moral and ethical values of culture in a new light.
Ayihawu works to express his feelings on changing socio-cultural issues; posing a question, solution or an alternate path in response to challenging issues in an aesthetic, revolutionary yet transformational way.
Ayihawu's vision is to stir up hope, freedom, love and peace in the hearts of people through his art.

Zida Kalu

Digital Art

Digital artist Zida Kalu (b. 1998) is inspired by portraits of women and the spectral range of colors. Using her mobile phone and her fingers, she practices an iterative (re)creation of portraits. Kalu embraces versatility through mosaic, scribbling and abstract art. She insists that artists should be able to experiment through any form of art.
Zida Kalu is currently based in Lagos, Nigeria.

Odirile Makaku

Digital Art

Odirile Makaku is a Johannesburg based self-taught digital artist, who enjoys majority of mediums in the creative world; from contemporary art, poetry, singing, sculpting, installations to interior design, architecture and more. She believes that art is more like a religion, a spiritual journey where insanity meets illusion. Odirile was brought up in a diplomatic household, with constant traveling and adapting to new cultures and cities.

Adeshope Awarun Busayo

Traditional Visual Art (Scribbling)

Adeshope is a visual artist whose pieces express the conflicting ordeals women continuously face. Adeshope incorporates his skills as a graphics designer and material engineer, using pen to delicately line artworks and portraits.

Kgaugelo Rakgwele

Digital illustration (Line art)

Kgaugelo Rakgwale is a Soweto raised, Johannesburg based multidisciplinary autodidact with an above average fervor for digital line art, photography, and experimental grayscale short filmmaking.

Mubarak Ismail


Mubarak Ismail is a Nigerian artist who travels across countries, exploring his curiosity. He employs photography as a medium in capturing his adventures and experiences of cultures in diverse environmental settings.