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Frequently Asked Questions

Art Gallery


Q: What is Forme Femine Art Gallery?

A: Forme Femine Art (FFA) is a catalyst for artists in the African art ecosystem, showcasing artistic expressions with thematic focus on Afro Femininity and female agency. 

FFA represents talented artists, portraying the feminine in order to create a multilayered visual commentary on the relationship between art and society in the African context.

Shows are designed to offer the finest reflections on the diversity of thought and style that the subject of afro-femininity can offer; with intent to reflect cultural heritage, and engage dialogue across seas. 

Q: Where is Forme Femine Art based?

A: Forme Femine Art is a Lagos-based gallery with artists from across Africa and a contact office in Berlin.


Most artworks (mainly traditional art, digital art and limited editions) are shipped directly from our artist studios across Africa and a few from our framing stations in Lagos/Berlin. 


Q: Is Forme Femine only for women artists? 

A: No, we display all artists irrespective of their gender, however our thematic focus is on the female form and its particularities. 

Q: Can I submit my portfolio for review?

A: Yes. However, we only showcase selected artists based on our thematic criteria 


Click the ‘Apply as Artist +’ Icon on our home page, fill in the required fields and expect an email from us! :)  

Or submit your proposed project via email - 

Q: How do I apply to exhibit my artwork at Forme Femine

A: You can apply via our website, click the ‘Apply’ icon on our home page

Q: Can artists living outside of the African continent apply?  

A: Yes, we engage artists living/working from anywhere on the globe, however we currently only represent indigenous artists and the African diaspora. 

Q: Does Forme Femine sell artwork 

A: Absolutely! Our mission is to create a sustainable platform where artists can grow, earn and thrive.  

For artist-related inquiries - 


Q: Do you ship internationally? 

A: Yes. We ship internationally to anywhere in the world with little exceptions. 


Please contact us if you have any questions concerning your destination. 

Q: How long is Delivery after purchasing an artwork

A: The artwork will be delivered to you within 2 - 5 weeks, depending on your location (2-3 weeks within Africa, 4-6 weeks internationally) 

Q: How do I place an order for an artwork? 

A: Click on your chosen artwork, select BUY NOW, fill in your shipping address and details, if you’ve chosen only one artwork - you can proceed to check out.  


To buy more artworks, select ‘continue shopping’ in the top right corner, you can browse through our online gallery to add more artworks.  


Complete your order by clicking CHECKOUT, you’ll receive an email from us confirming your order and shipping details.

Q: Do I receive a Certificate of authenticity after purchase? 

A: Yes, you get a signed certificate of authenticity together with your artwork. 

Q: Do you offer payment plans for purchasing artworks 

A: Yes we do!  

Please contact our curator with subject title ‘Payment Plan for XYZ artwork’ via email indicating the artwork you wish to purchase. 

Q: Does Forme Femine frame purchased artworks? 

A: On request. In some cases, collectors want their artwork unrolled and shipped to them in an art tube. Please let us know if you’ve got any framing specifications. 

Q: Can I commission artwork and what does it cost?

A: Yes. Commissioning art is a prime way to personalize your collection or acquire one-of-a-kind art pieces from your favourite artist.


There’s no fixed cost for commission requests due to its dynamic process. This is solely reliant on the scope of commission and artist’s agreement. Please get in touch. 

Q: What does the process of commissioning an artwork entail? 

A: We establish direct contact with the artist to create your desired art piece. (if artist is currently open for commissions). 

Send us an email at with the subject ‘COMMISSION REQUEST’ with the artist's name and a brief description of your request in the body of the email. You”ll receive an email from us in follow up. 

Q: Where can we find the gallery on social media?

A: You can find us on Instagram, Facebook and LinkedIn. 

Follow us to get the latest updates on upcoming exhibitions, artists and new art collections. 

Q: How do I contact the Gallery?

Please email - 

For sales-related inquiries please contact or send a message on Whatsapp via +254742675559

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