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Titilola Fagbemi


Titilola Fagbemi (b. 1999) is a Nigerian artist who presently works and lives in Lagos. Fagbemi uses portraiture to investigate various themes that cut across psychological, historical, and cultural contexts. Her earlier experimentations were with graphite on paper, but over the last 3 years, she has evolved into working with both digital and traditional media, primarily acrylic and oil on canvas.
Fagbemi weaves her paintings on the canvas of everyday human feelings and experiences. Her paintings represent an entry point into contemplative realms, where the similarities between her personal stories and that of the viewer becomes apparent; an invitation to feel the feelings and experiences portrayed by her strokes. Fagbemi’s intent is to reveal to the viewers their humanness and the complexities that arise from our interpersonal relationships and with the world.

She has participated in different workshops and exhibitions in Nigeria, including the ‘ElectHer Obinrin’ Exhibition 2021, the iDesign Art 2019 Exhibition, Rele Arts Foundation’s Young Contemporaries Boot camp 2021, Angels and Muse’s ‘What about love’ 2022 exhibition and Dica Art Spectrum 2022 exhibition. She also volunteers to teach art to young talents in her spare time, with an ongoing partnership with Roberts Charity Foundation. Fagbemi received a Bachelor’s degree in Business Administration (first class honours) from the Covenant University (2018).

Titilola Fagbemi
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