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Forme Femine at NXT.ART Pavilion 2022, Lagos.


Forme Femine is pleased to present Ebuka Pascal Agudiegwu, Ogochukwu Ejiofor, and Yewande Oseni at the inaugural edition of NXT.ART pavilion by Africa NXT, displaying new works that comb through layers of social, familial, and cultural influences in an attempt to examine identity and current space - evaluate the past and embrace forward thinking.

Selected artists apply varied creative expressions entrenched in cultural patterns through figurative paintings, surrealism, gold leaf, acrylic, and mixed media; serving as a lens in analyzing prospective avenues for dialogue and engagement across the continent. This new collection weaves alternate realities into a growing blueprint that gives African descendants a foundational stance in creating their futures.

Centering the African feminine as the focal point of artistic representation, these artists spawn in-depth commentary on social progress within the 'Afrosphere,' in an attempt to reclaim African agency and reimagine new ways of being.

Join us!

Date: 1st March - 4th March, 2022.

Venue: Landmark Event Centre, Victoria Island, Lagos Nigeria.


NXT.ART Pavilion Theme:


Contemplating present dreams and future realities, Here & There is then, now and everywhen. A journey of reimagined space- physical, psychological and conceptual. It considers this moment and explores a future experience for Africa and her Diaspora.

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I Have Seen Paradise by Ebuka Pascal Agudiegwu (showing at NXT.ART Pavilion), Lagos Nigeria
I Have Seen Paradise by Ebuka Pascal Agudiegwu (showing at NXT.ART Pavilion 2022)


Exhibiting Artist, Wande Oseni at the Fair Opening. 01/03/2022. NXT.ART Pavilion, (Lagos, 2022) by Africa NXT.
One of the Exhibiting Artists, Wande Oseni at the Fair Opening. NXT.ART Pavillion. 01/03/2022.


Forme Femine Art (FFA) is a catalyst for artists in the African art ecosystem, showcasing artistic expressions with Afro Femininity and female agency as thematic focus.

FFA represents talented artists, portraying the feminine in order to create a multilayered visual commentary on the relationship between art and society in the African context. Shows are designed to offer the finest reflections on the diversity of thought and style that the subject of afro-femininity can offer; with intent to reflect cultural heritage, and engage dialogue across seas.


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