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Cooperation with Friedrich Naumann Foundation

November 23rd, 2020.

Forme Femine Art has formed a partnership with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation to empower the growth and innovation of emerging creatives in Africa. Forme Femine is building a digital network of pan-African artists, in addition to curating exhibitions around the themes of African female agency and artistic expression. Collaborating with the Friedrich Naumann Foundation amplifies Forme Femine’s mission to erode the barriers limiting African artists’ visibility and access to the resources necessary for their success. By emphasizing the active participation of independent artists and galleries in the fine arts industry, FF invites the next generation of contemporary African art to the global stage.

The Naumann Foundation has a history of supporting social enterprise and creative digital startups in Africa, such as the ‘Painting for Freedom’ competition by FNF in South Asia. The FF-FNF partnership advances the Friedrich Naumann Foundation’s mission to foster international dialogue for minority populations, and recognizes the potential behind art and digital media as tools for economic mobility in growing African markets.

Founded in Lagos by African women, Forme Femine Art joins the Naumann Foundation’s call for more women in positions of leadership across sectors. This partnership aligns with the Naumann Foundation’s #FemaleForward campaign, which equips women to pursue economic and employment prominence in industries where they are underrepresented. By centring art as an essential avenue for economic development, FF provides new answers to the essential question “how DO women in society, politics and work achieve their goals?” through its inaugural exhibitions: Collect Call//Diaspora Dial (December 2020) and Soil and Cosmos (July 2021).

Forme Femine’s first exhibition of 2020, featured entirely on a 3D virtual reality platform, digitizes art from African artists who comment on the structural and social issues that affect their communities. The remote capacities of the Collect Call exhibit provides a new means to feature and sell their work to international collectors. FF’s focus on emerging young talent supports the next generation of creative leaders who will be equipped to strengthen civil society and political affairs in Africa. By supporting individual leadership, resource access, and industry training, Forme Femine and the Naumann Foundation empower entire communities.

Forme Femine is thrilled to partner with a foundation that has demonstrated unmatched dedication to civil society development and youth empowerment throughout the African continent. FF looks forward to expanding its gallery network to work in the Naumann Foundation’s active countries including Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, and Zimbabwe.


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