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CONVERGENCE: Exploring Intergenerational Relationships Through Art by Titilola Fagbemi

A Journey of Maternal Connections and Shared Experiences

Titilola Fagbemi, Drunk on Virtue, 2023, Oil and Acrylic on Canvas. Displayed at CONVERGENCE Exhibition private viewing in Lagos, Nigeria.
Titilola Fagbemi, Drunk on Virtue, 2023. Image Courtesy of the Artist.

Forme Femine Art Gallery presents "CONVERGENCE," an exhibition featuring new figurative works by artist Titilola Fagbemi. Through a collection of 5 paintings, Fagbemi delves into the intricate dynamics of intergenerational relationships, merging self-expression and artistic experimentation. This exhibition invites viewers on a personal journey, unraveling the threads that connect us to our mothers, our past, and the shared experiences that shape our identities.

The Essence of CONVERGENCE:

"CONVERGENCE" encapsulates Fagbemi's exploration of her own experiences with her mother and the wealth of knowledge found in texts, interviews, and personal readings that deconstruct the maternal realm. Drawing from these, the artist weaves a visual language that seeks to establish a connection and understanding with our mothers. Through her art, Fagbemi engages in the delicate act of "re-membering" the mother-daughter body, unearthing the intricate threads that weave this profound relationship.

The ‘Ayo’ Game and "The Journey Back":

At the heart of "CONVERGENCE," the 'Ayo' board game and the painting "The Journey Back" (exhibited at the exclusive viewing) both hold deep personal significance for Fagbemi. Inspired by her memories of playing the Ayo game with her mother and grandmother, as well as the transformative moment when her mother rediscovered her artistic passion, these elements serve as catalysts for the artist's contemplation and artistic expression. They form integral parts of the exhibition, connecting the viewers to the enduring bonds and shared experiences that shape our identities and relationships across generations.

Embracing Raw Emotional Journeys:

Within the compositions of "CONVERGENCE," Fagbemi skilfully captures the dichotomy between personal identity development and the nurturing power of a supportive community. Through her art, she illuminates raw emotional journeys and invites viewers to reflect on the complex roles and responsibilities women navigate. Each painting becomes a conduit for a mother-daughter pedagogy, a profound exchange of wisdom and understanding rooted in the maternal space, transcending generations.

An Immersive Convergence:

Visitors to the exhibition will find themselves immersed in a world where tender threads of connection interlace, where maternal vignettes intersect, and where the mapping of matrilineal influences converge into a powerful testament to the resilience and beauty of womanhood and identity. "CONVERGENCE" invites viewers to embark on an intergenerational voyage, delving into the realms of memory, empathy, and shared experiences. It pays homage to the foundation of our existence while contemplating the evolving narratives of womanhood, offering a deeply introspective exploration of the maternal experience.

"CONVERGENCE" further prompts us to reflect on the bonds and connections that shape our lives. Through her exquisite paintings, Fagbemi weaves together the stories of generations, capturing the essence of intergenerational relationships and the nurturing power of shared experiences. As visitors engage with this introspective journey, they are invited to contemplate the depths of the maternal realm, embracing the resilience, beauty, and enduring nature of womanhood and identity.


Within "CONVERGENCE," the 'Ayo' board game and "The Journey Back" painting by the artist's mother hold significant personal meaning, symbolising the enduring bonds and shared experiences that Fagbemi explores in her artworks.


Exclusive Viewing: June 10, 2023

Online Exhibition: June 11 - July 22, 2023

Please note that the exclusive viewing of "CONVERGENCE" took place on June 10, 2023, providing an exclusive opportunity for select guests to experience the exhibition firsthand. Special thanks and appreciation to all who attended and contributed to the success of this remarkable event.

You can see highlights from the event here.


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