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Seyi Akinwumi: Vulnerability and Empowering Narratives

Seyi Akinwumi is a visual artist whose work explores vulnerability, self-expression and personal narratives through an array of vibrant colours and playful lines. 

Among the talented artists featured in our "Art for Education" exhibition, Seyi Akinwumi stands out with a voice as distinct as her medium: paper. Fragile yet expressive, becoming a canvas for her personal narratives, a bridge between self-awareness and the present moment.

Akinwumi's artistic language unfolds in a spectrum of mediums – Indian ink, charcoal, acrylics, crayons, and more. Strokes whispering vulnerability, mirroring the transparency she seeks in her art. Her inspiration lies close to home, reflecting her upbringing in a traditional Nigerian family with strong filial obligations. These tucked-away inner dialogues, once unspoken, now bloom into visual stories on her canvas.

"It's about evoking, connecting, and influencing," she declares in a video interview, her words echoing the power she imbues in her art. "Art as a mode of communication," she emphasizes, a tool that helped her learn to express deep emotions and channel them into boundless creativity.

Working with paper, Seyi’s choice of  material mirrors the fragility and intimacy of her storytelling – she weaves narratives rooted in the present, exploring the delicate dance between abstraction and expressionism. "The storyline, title, colour contrasts and lines are languages emanating from the rhythms of the heart, soul and mind," Seyi shares in her artist statement. "When these elements merge, the result is playful and almost expressively childlike. They convey the deepest part of my feelings."

It is in this act of channeling her inner voice that Seyi's true power lies, standing as a beacon for a generation of young girls navigating their own journeys of self-discovery.

Akinwumi's participation in Art for Education transcends mere artistic expression; it's a commitment to a future where girls are empowered to shape their own narratives, rewrite societal limitations, and paint their own vibrant futures.

Join Seyi Akinwumi and other talented artists in supporting Art for Education:

Visit our "Art for Education" exhibition - here

Painting by Seyi Akinwumi - Help Yourself, Or Can You? (DIPTYCH), 2023, Mixed Media on Strathmore Paper
Seyi Akinwumi; Help Yourself, Or Can You? (DIPTYCH), 2023, Mixed Media on Strathmore Paper

By supporting the Art for Education initiative, we can invest in a future where every girl has the tools and freedom to write her own story, paint her own dreams, and shape a brighter tomorrow.

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Seyi Akinwumi, I Promise To Love Me II (DIPTYCH), 2023, Mixed Media on Tracing Paper

(This post is part of a series, where we delve into the minds and masterpieces of the artists who lend their voices to this crucial cause)


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