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A Familial Affair: Exclusive Viewing of Titilola Fagbemi’s “CONVERGENCE”

A Collection of Paintings Immersed in Intergenerational Reflections

The artist, Titilola Fagbemi speaking to Local Press about her exhibition - CONVERGENCE

Forme Femine Art Gallery recently hosted an exclusive viewing of the highly anticipated exhibition, "Convergence," in Lagos, featuring new figurative works by Nigerian artist Titilola Fagbemi. The event took place on the 10th of June in a private setting, offering a select group of art enthusiasts, collectors, and esteemed guests a unique opportunity to delve into the artist's captivating exploration of intergenerational relationships. This intimate affair brought together individuals who share a passion for art, fostering engaging conversations, and deepening their appreciation for the power of artistic expression.

Immersed in Artistic Reflections:

The ambiance was set as guests stepped into a beautifully curated space, adorned with Fagbemi's thought-provoking artworks. Each painting exuded a sense of emotion, inviting viewers to embark on a personal journey through the intricate dynamics of intergenerational connections. From vibrant brushstrokes to subtle textures, the canvases captured the essence of shared experiences, the influence of matrilineal bonds, and the complexities of womanhood.

An Artist's Perspective:

During the exclusive viewing, Fagbemi shared her artistic process and the inspiration behind "Convergence." She expressed her deep-rooted connection to the subject matter, drawing from personal experiences and a desire to explore the interplay between identity, memory, and the maternal. Guests were captivated by her insightful anecdotes, gaining a deeper understanding of the layers embedded within each artwork.

Engaging Conversations and Lasting Impressions:

The private viewing sparked meaningful discussions among attendees, who were enthralled by the exhibition's themes and the artist's signature interplay with dark colours and hues. Guests shared their interpretations, reflections, and personal connections to the artwork, further enriching the overall experience. The event provided a space for dialogue, fostering a sense of community and connection among individuals passionate about art and its ability to evoke emotions and provoke thought.

Continuing the Journey:

While the exclusive viewing marked the beginning of this artistic exploration, the exhibition continues to be accessible to a wider audience. The artworks from "Convergence" are now available for online viewing online via the renowned platform This digital extension allows art enthusiasts and collectors from around the world to experience the narratives and captivating aesthetics that define Fagbemi's artistic journey.

The exclusive viewing of "Convergence" by Titilola Fagbemi was an unforgettable day filled with experiences, a celebration of the power of art as an instrument in illuminating intergenerational connections. Through her mesmerising artworks, Fagbemi invited viewers to embark on a reflective voyage, exploring the complexities of identity, memory, and the enduring bonds that shape our lives.

As the Convergence continues to unfold online, art enthusiasts and collectors alike have the opportunity to engage with Fagbemi's artistic expression and immerse themselves in the exhibition.

A Guest at the recently concluded exclusive viewing of "CONVERGENCE" by Titilola Fagbemi. Hosted by Forme Femine.

The artist Titilola Fagbemi and her Mother - Mrs Funmilayo Fagbemi

Exhibition Details:

The exhibition continues online till 22nd July, 2023

About the Exhibition:

CONVERGENCE features a collection of new paintings by Titilola Fagbemi - merging self expression and artistic experimentation with the dynamics of intergenerational relationships. Fagbemi seeks to re-member and reunite the mother-daughter body, unraveling the intricate threads that weave this salient relationship; highlighting the essence of matrilineal bonds in a bid to unearth a chain of intergenerational support systems that have long nurtured and propelled women forward.

Addendum: This blog post features a selection of photographs from the exclusive viewing of "Convergence" by Titilola Fagbemi. All images are courtesy of Forme Femine Art Gallery.


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