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Virtual Art Experience at Enpact X Africa Berlin Network Event


September 22, 2022

At the AfricaBerlin Network event, which was hosted by Enpact, we presented a virtual reality experience of our recently concluded exhibition, ‘Interconnected'

Showcasing artworks from 9 African and 9 Middle Eastern artists in virtual space, the experience explored the various ways technological interventions and initiatives help us transcend borders, foster cross-cultural exchanges and connect with audiences in different regions of the world; while tackling questions of access, visibility and economic opportunities.

The VR Booth Display was part of an Enpact event bringing together African diplomatic delegations and young entrepreneurs. The experience featured a virtual and digital screen explorations of the exhibition and a dial in with Forme Femine's Curator, Charlene Chikezie.

About Enpact 

Enpact set out to change the way international economic cooperation is being approached by giving direct support to the people doing the work

About AfricaBerlin Network

AfricaBerlin Network (ABN) forms a collective platform that brings together communities within the startup ecosystems across Africa and Berlin. ABN enables relationship-building among investors, startups, and bridge builders by organizing workshops, events and delegation trips to Berlin and Africa. ABN supports startups and SMEs in their international expansion and in overcoming the barriers of internationalization. ABN works together with business leaders, institutions, accelerators, investors, experts and innovators to share information, to connect and to open new doors.

About the Exhibition 

INTERCONNECTED is a cross-cultural group exhibition of women artists from Africa and the Middle East, capturing visual depictions of lnterconnected realities spanning the last few years - teetering between the known and unknown, abstraction and figuration; in personal theory, distinct artistic approaches and an array of media.


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