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Call for Submissions: CC//DD20

Collect Call // Diaspora Dial enables a leap across borders by centring African art and Afro-feminine themes on a globally accessible digital platform. This contemporary exhibition opens doors for African galleries and artists to European audiences and will be available via smartphone, browser and VR headset. We invite up to ten artists from all over Africa to present their work. Visitors to our exhibition can interact and discuss with the artists and experience rich intercultural changes of perspective.  Artists Requirements 

  • Africans or of African Descent   

  • All genders

  • Paintings, Digital Art and Photography/Media 

  • Anchor Themes: Afrofuturism, Afro-Femininity, Progression and ‘Digisphere’


  1. Artists Submission Start: 06th of October

  2. Artists Submission End Date:  31th of October

  3. Share FF Social Media and PR Content: 19th of October

  4. Announce Artists Exhibiting: 13th of November

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