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Sisters of the Soil

Forme Femine is pleased to present "Sisters of the Soil”. This show brings together two Nigerian artists, Ogochukwu Ejiofor and Victoria Oniosun; exploring the complexities and triumphs of the female experience through distinctive oil and mixed media paintings. Both artists centre their works on the multifaceted narrative of womanhood - and a sisterhood defined by shared experiences, vulnerabilities and cultural ideals.

Forme Femine is pleased to present "Sisters of the Soil," this show thoughtfully brings together the works of Ogochukwu Ejiofor and Victoria Erioluwa Oniosun, two talented Nigerian artists whose paintings are imbued with the essence of shared female experience, identity, and the visceral threads of human connection.

Ejiofor's textured mixed-media works act as a visual diary, chronicling the psychological landscapes of African women. Drawing inspiration from personal encounters and societal observations, she weaves narratives of self-discovery, resilience, and the enduring bonds between women. Waste materials, transformed into evocative textures, become metaphors for the challenges and transformations inherent in navigating life.

Conversely, Oniosun's palette knife paintings pulsate with bright colours and expressive strokes.
Employing the "broken colour" technique, she builds layers, depicting female figures engrossed with emotion and a palpable psychological depth. The focus on abstracted forms and expressive brushwork invites viewers to engage with the unspoken dialogues and vulnerabilities that course through here impasto oil paintings.

The exhibition title, "Sisters of the Soil," echoes the shared themes of Ejiofor and Oniosun's work, highlighting the rootedness of their expression in the fertile ground of their personal histories and cultural heritage.
Their works articulate a narrative that is at once a soliloquy and a chorus; a reflection on the individual and [collective] shared experiences that bind the collective female psyche.

How do these artists, through their contrasting mediums of texture and tone, forge their own artistic identities while simultaneously celebrating a shared sisterhood?
"Sisters of the Soil" invites such inquiry, offering a tableau where viewers may reflect upon the interplay of solitude and solidarity, identity and anonymity. Audiences are invited to ponder on the ways in which these artists' works act as portals for a broader dialogue on the human condition, cultural and communal ideals and the indelible imprint of the female experience.

The exhibition opens 22nd of April - 16th May, 2024.



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