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Who is This? 2022

Oil on canvas

100.13 x 79.83 cm



(in collaboration with Arneli Art Gallery, Lebanon)

27 JUL - 18 SEP 2022.





Oluyemi Oluwapelumi Peace (b. 1997) is a Nigerian Contemporary artist and a Kids art tutor from Osun state.

Born in Ibadan, Oyo State in the south western part of Nigeria where she currently practices.

Oluyemi holds a Bachelor’s degree in Industrial Design from the Federal University of Akure, Ondo State.


Her interest and love for art blossomed during her Senior Secondary School years, when she drew flowers on any available surface. She became interested in art after graduating from high school in 2014 and decided to pursue it further; she has been practising, attending workshops, and receiving training ever since. Oluwapelumi’s’ mediums of choice are oil, charcoal, and graphite. In her portrait paintings, she takes a modern approach, employing the Impasto method for a compelling aura

Who is This?

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