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Size: 50.8 cm x 76.2 cm 

Medium: Photography, Giclee prints on Archival

When the Time Comes in the Future that is Now

The works explore the theme of gender, identity and the black female body. The artist reevaluates the socio-cultural conditions that surround gender, identity and being female in the African society/ global worldview in contemporary times and society.

About Chinwe Chigbu

Chinwe Chigbu (b.1994) is from Abia State, Nigeria. She works in abstract and conceptual photography, performance art, and writing among other mediums. These others include her own body, which she combines with everyday material objects to explore the boundaries between reality and illusion. She draws inspiration from nature, material objects, history, popular culture, society and environmental spaces. Chigbu explores identity politics and the black female body in contemporary society. Reconstructing truths that venture beyond the socio-cultural limitations of the physical form, Chigbu uses recognizable elements to confront the viewer with their own preconceived notions.


sChigbu’s work has been exhibited at Revolving Art Incubator, in a joint exhibition fusing poetry and conceptual photography with William Ifeanyi Moore in “Uncensored” (2017); at Thought Pyramid’s Art Centre – Forme Femine’s Muse Series – Photography Exhibition (2019); Young Contemporaries Bootcamp (2019); Rele Art Foundation, Abuja Art Week, Naija Tech Creative (2019); Art Night Lagos, December edition (2019); iDESIGN- ART VI Thought Pyramid Art Centre, Lagos, Nigeria March, (2020).


When the Time Comes in the Future that is Now

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