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Odirile Makaku


Digital Print

76.2 x 116.84 cm





This body of work represents the state in which we repossess the purest form of BEING within one's own surroundings.
Derived from the audiovisual project (Selves), Lawrence Jadezweni and Odirile Makaku portray the transformation and transcending nature in which we evolve as human beings, constantly gaining strength through our roots to display our own "Futuristic Africa".
The series converges from two perspectives using repetitive colours, shapes and connotations to represent the wounds, time and space in which we pass through to reach one's 'self'.




Odirile Makaku

Odirile is a digital artist based in Johannesburg, South Africa; who believes art is like a religion, a spiritual journey where insanity meets illusion.

She describes herself as an eclectic soul, who's ever-evolving; which reflects in her artistic style and choice of medium.
In her words “My style is highly influenced by contemporary, graffiti and a minimalistic take on art. Heavy on futurism and the layering of mediums; my style asserts itself as its own art form.”

Selves II

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