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I AM, 2022


Acryclic on canvas

120 x 80 cm



(in collaboration with Arneli Art Gallery, Lebanon)

27 JUL - 18 SEP 2022.




Shaibu-Salami Ashiata (b, 1998) is a contemporary artist from Nigeria, a painter who considers life from different perspectives of people.


Her works revolve around societal complexities and how these complexities have confined individuals to a mental cage, exploring the ways they limit one from attaining a self desired level of expression where they are fully able to bask in their fullest potential. She creates visually compelling figurative paintings in vivid tones and hues as a fundamental portrayal of the state of mind of her subjects which reflect these 'complexities'.


Her journey into art emanated from her love for art generally and the urge to communicate a basic theme skill which is “ freedom” the freedom to express ourselves , the freedom to live , the freedom to dream.


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