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How are you?... What To Do, 2021


Acrylics on canvas

101.6 x 111.76 cm



(in collaboration with Arneli Art Gallery, Lebanon)

27 JUL - 18 SEP 2022.




Wande Oseni is a visual artist whose artistic journey began at a young age after being exposed to animation and comic books. Later, her interest in art grew, beginning with doodling and scribbling and progressing through a variety of mediums.


Oseni’s works are a reflection of her thoughts, opinions, and commentary on current events in her community and around the world. She prefers, but is not limited to, acrylics as a medium for realising her ideas. Wande has a B.Sc. and M.Sc. in Finance from the University of Lagos, and she currently lives and works in Lagos.

How are you?... What To Do

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