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Size: 92cm x 62cm

Medium:  Oil on Canvas


A Short Conversation


Maonde’s visual narrative broaches identity and the mundane. In “A Short Conversation,” he features two women exchanging their reflections on life. Women in the diaspora and across Africa are largely connected by similar challenges; marital, religious, social. The cords from the two phones connect, centering an invigorating conversation; the pot in turn depicts a man in the Mbusa Bemba tradition. The fish, a symbol of fertility in much African mythology, suggests family connections or concerns. 


About Alumedi Vincent Maonde

Alumedi Maonde was born in Livingstone Zambia in 1976. A contemporary expressionist. Maonde largely works in abstracting Zambian Masquerades. He is inspired by the work of the late Aquila Simpansa, and believes in art as a radical voice that defines human existence. Maonde has been practicing for the past twelve years, and is currently pursuing a degree in fine arts from The Zambia Open University.



A Short Conversation

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