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Collaboration with Arneli Art Gallery, Lebanon

Fostering a space for communication, creativity and sustainability.


Forme Femine Art and Arneli Art Gallery have formed a collaboration to host a cross-cultural exhibition between Africa and the Middle East (Lebanon), Titled “Interconnected” - the two platforms have converged two different civilizations, rich in history and culture.

This collaboration aims to advance the participation and practice of women artists in contemporary art, laying out an opportunity for female artists from these regions to retain their individual account of events, own their narratives and share visual depictions with a global audience via an online platform, while offering an immersive art experience irrespective of geographic location or barriers.

The joint exhibition features 18 womens artists: 9 from Lebanon, 1 from Ghana, 6 from Nigeria and 2 from South Africa showcasing paintings, photography, mixed media, and digital art in a variety of media and perspectives. selected artists examine the interconnected complexities of human experience detailed through abstraction and figuration

The exhibition opens 27 July through till 28 August, 2022 online via Forme Femine's website and is curated by Charlene Chikezie and Dzovig Arnelian. Speaking on the collaboration, Dzovig Arnelian, curator of Arneli Art. Gallery says "Creating 'Interconnected' from scratch with Forme Femine Art and with Charlene in specific has been an incredibly beautiful journey. I am beyond thrilled to be part of creating this cross cultural collaboration that is rich in communication, art and culture. Through this partnership, i aspire to empower many female artists, and to create a cultural bridge between Lebanon and Africa."

Charlene Chikezie, Forme Femine's curator also expands on the significance of this inter-continental collaboration "Forme Femine and Arneli Art Gallery represent emerging talents with the mission and goal to create sustainability and an opportunity to present their artistic offerings on a global scale as they further their career. This collaboration contributes to Forme Femine’s core values of upholding the ingenuity of the arts, nurturing artistic expressions and achieving women empowerment. It also speaks to how art helps us form tangible connections and common denominators with others even while we experience different depths of ourselves in own corners of the world."

Interconnected is on show through till 28th August, 2022


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