Temmie Ovwasa is a visual artist, singer, poet and multi instrumentalist currently signed to the record label YBNL. She believes that expression should never be bound or bound to the lens of sociopolitical norms and illusive cultural values.  Her art is inspired by the female form, usually focusing on women who do not fit into society’s idea of what a beautiful woman should look like.


She likes to play with backgrounds that give her subjects a sense of displacement, merging elements that should have no place together in society into one puzzling piece of art. Her art and music are heavily influenced by feminism and mental health awareness, into which she blends subliminal messages.


The women in her paintings are often hairless. Because hair is conventionally seen as a symbol of femininity, she opts to remove that one thing, subconsciously shifting the focus of the observer and raising questions in their mind.


Ovwasa plays with religious elements, incorporating these to challenge dogma and the accompanying restriction on women's autonomy. Above all else, Temmie Ovwasa is a human being, still questioning, constantly questioning through her art, sharing darkness and light, one piece at a time.

Temmie Ovwasa