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Experiment 3, 2021


Mixed Media on Canvas

47 x 40 cm




(in collaboration with Arneli Art Gallery, Lebanon)

27 JUL - 18 SEP 2022.




Chloe Sfeir is a Lebanese artist with a Master’s Degree in Plastic Arts from the Lebanese University. Her interest mostly resides in the notion of space/object, specifically the intimate space and object and how they both influence one another.

Her interest in the intimate space was born out of a feeling of disconnection, a detachment from what would normally be described as a safe and grounding space: home. After much reflection as to the root of this disorder, it became clear to her that it was in fact religion (and the excess thereof). The way she chose to approach it was not by deciding what these figures mean to her nor by trying to understand anything per se, but by simply showing those figures in her paintings, exactly as they are: dominant. Later on, she explores a different side of this notion by removing all the religious elements in the room.

Experiment 3

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