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Curiosity, 2022


Mixed Media

101.6 x 116.84 cm



(in collaboration with Arneli Art Gallery, Lebanon)

27 JUL - 18 SEP 2022.



Anthonia Ndukauba, from Abia State, Nigeria is a conceptual artist whose artistry focuses primarily on figurative depictions of the human body in their natural form. She holds a Bachelor's Degree in Fine and Applied Arts (painting major) from Alex Ekwueme Federal University, Ebonyi State.


She has been featured in a number of exhibitions including 2 solo shows in Ibadan, Nigeria - predominantly working with conventional materials like oil, acrylic paint and charcoal on both canvas and paper.

Ndukauba uses her artwork as a medium to defy society’s standards of unrealistic body ideologies and believes that through her depiction of the human form, she will be able to inspire both genders to confidently embody their figures and emphasise their natural essence.


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